Clone Operation: Fail

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Clone Operation: Fail

A quick walkthrough showcasing my Photoshop workflow and how I adjusted one of my photos in Adobe Photoshop.

UPDATE: I just want to welcome all the new viewers to my site! This tutorial was chosen as the winner for the ‘So you think you can teach Photoshop‘ contest held by the National Association of Photoshop Professionals

This tutorial covers one of my latest photos: Clone operation fail. This image is pretty heavily modified in Photoshop and I’m going to show you my workflow and some of the techniques that I use in order to enhance it,

One of the things I reference in the video is a set of Photoshop actions. Here’s the link: Lomo Photoshop Actions. I use these as a starting point for a lot of my pictures. Some people hate actions, and I agree, they’re a bit of a cheat. But as long as you don’t just use the action, and call it done, I think they can be used to your advantage. I generally try all sorts of different combinations, and use one as a starting point and build off of it.

Please send your comments, and if you have any questions, please feel free to ask!


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  1. RoboJon Says:

    This is a sweet site. I <3 VFXHaiku!

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