How to Create Light Wrap and Edge Blur

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How to Create Light Wrap and Edge Blur

Light is scattering | Wrapping around your objects | Making them real

In this tutorial, we take a look at how to create light wrap and edge blurs in Adobe After Effects and Fusion 5. We use some footage from the book “The Art and Science of Digital Compositing” by Ron Brinkman.

If you have any comments or questions, please, feel free to ask!


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19 Responses to “How to Create Light Wrap and Edge Blur”

  1. Jason C Says:

    Fantastic tutorial, Kert – can’t wait to try it! Much faster & more controllable than trying to get the same effect in 3d.

  2. lesterbanks Says:

    Great stuff Mr. Gartner.

  3. zameer Says:

    Good one Kert ! Kudos

  4. Sander de Regt Says:

    Hi Kert,
    It’s a great tutorial, but for ease of downloading I’d suggest splitting the AE and Fusion parts up.
    Since I don’t use AE I spent a lot of time waiting for the AE part to end, since it’s only partly beneficial for my needs.

  5. ado Says:

    hi there.. interesting tutorial..
    I tried applying it to a greenscreen shot after applying keylight and I’m not getting the same result with the Set Channels effect so I can’t even get started..
    any ideas? thanks!!!!!!!

  6. Kert Gartner (VFX Haiku Admin) Says:

    Hi Ado! The problem might be that you will need to precomp your layer with keylight on it, before you apply the other effects. Give that a try, and see if it helps.

  7. Spencer Jones Says:

    Hi, Thanks, was really helpful.

  8. Shota Says:

    Thanks! This is great!

  9. José rodrigues Says:

    thanks for the tutorial you are a great instrutor, im gonna start doing this ligthwrap thing on everything now hehe. i guess the advantage of using node base compositing aplications is that you can reuse the set of tools for ligthwrap on other footage…cool stuff

  10. rajashekar Says:

    wongerfull site is this

  11. ramesh Says:

    hi kert….. its great job…..
    please help me to get some more stuff to update myself….. in nodebased softwares…. do u deal with nuke……..?

  12. jibu Says:

    hey Kert,great tutorial.U explained it well.good job..

  13. Renato Lopez Says:

    Very helpfull, thank you!

  14. Sandesh Says:

    i get some weird result..some black thing n colorful thing here and there….when i apply INVERT after blur..why is that happening?

  15. Kert Gartner (VFX Haiku Admin) Says:

    Try following the instructions exactly as shown, and it should work out. I can’t really help without more information.

  16. Moog Says:

    Awesome tutorial. Light wrap really makes a difference – and this is a great, easy flow. I appreciate you just focus on the job at hand and don’t try to muddy the waters with a whole bunch of extra stuff.


  17. qleif Says:

    this what im searcing for….. from blur studio, great tutorial, thanks you kert :D

  18. Matt Says:

    I feel like you could also drive the edge blur in after effects by applying the “stroke” layer style to the FG object instead of going through all the channel conversion stuff… Haven’t tried, but just a thought! Great tutorial by the way!

  19. Branwen Says:

    Fantastic tutorial. Thank you so much!

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