Paint Fixes 101

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Paint Fixes 101

In this tutorial, we continue from the ‘Automating Rotoscoping with Trackers’ tutorial, and work on painting out a stray object in a shot, using a vareity of techniques.

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10 Responses to “Paint Fixes 101”

  1. arvmetal Says:

    ThankĀ“s Good tutorials!!!

  2. Christie Coyle Says:

    These are great tutorials, Kert. It’s so hard to find Fusion tutorials at this level. Thanks again!

  3. Kert Gartner (VFX Haiku Admin) Says:

    Glad you like it Christie! I’ll try and keep it up :)

  4. Cyrene Houdini Says:

    Great Job Kert so helpful!!

  5. ntoytoy Says:

    thanks dud
    its a great tut

  6. pt Says:

    I just discovered your site – thank you very much for your tutorials, very well made.
    I have a question concerning the tracking (commenting on the other page is not possible for some reason): Is it possible to track individual polygon points in fusion?

    Thanks, keep it up

  7. Kert Gartner (VFX Haiku Admin) Says:

    Hi there!

    I’m glad you’re enjoying the tutorials!

    As for connecting a tracker to a specific point on a polygon, yes, that is possible. You have to right click on the point of your polygon that you wish to expose, and select “publish”. That point will now be accessible in the modifiers tab. You can now right click on the position property for that point, and connect it to your tracker.

    (I don’t have Fusion in front of me, but I think all those steps will work properly) :)


  8. ramesh. Says:

    well u did great job….kert…..i would like to klnow some thing from u.. how did u maintain when ur dealing with explositions

  9. Kert Gartner (VFX Haiku Admin) Says:

    I’m not sure what you’re asking. Can you be more clear? Thanks!

  10. Subhadeep Roy Says:

    Hey, nice tutorial.
    Can you give any advanced rotoscoping technique, normally used in production houses.

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