How to work non-destructively in Photoshop

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How to work non-destructively in Photoshop

Nodes in Photoshop | Unfortunately a Dream | Still, a great tool!

In this tutorial, we take a look at how to work in the most flexible and non-destructive way possible inside of Photoshop. We look at using the clone tool, adjustment layers, and Smart filters all without altering our original image.

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7 Responses to “How to work non-destructively in Photoshop”

  1. Michael Smith Says:


  2. Bobby Parker Says:

    Great Stuff! I love how your videos stop/start. it looks like you are laying down; looking up at a camera.

    Bobby Parker

  3. illd Says:

    Good Tutorial – I´ve learned a lot in 10 minutes :)
    What you could have mentioned is the create clipping mask function for the adjustment layers. If its enabled it only influences the layers directly beneath it. Saves a lot of time with setting up folders and stuff…

  4. Photoshop Workflow Tutorial! | Says:

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    [...] A preview of this tutorial can be seen here [...]

  6. conr4d Says:

    Next, great tutorial!

  7. joel Says:

    Great stuff, I didn’t know about working non destructively with filters.

    Thanks :)

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