In-depth Information on: .PSD .TIF. .JPG .PNG & .EXR Photoshop File Formats

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In-depth Information on: .PSD .TIF. .JPG .PNG & .EXR Photoshop File Formats

Photoshop and TIF | JPG and PNG’s | Explained in English

In this tutorial, we take a look at the settings and pros and cons of the following file formats when saving them in Photoshop: .PSD .TIF. .JPG .PNG & .EXR.

We take a look at the different compression settings used in each, and discuss what file format works best in certain situations.

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5 Responses to “In-depth Information on: .PSD .TIF. .JPG .PNG & .EXR Photoshop File Formats”

  1. Phillipe Girouard Says:

    Excellent tutorial. A lot of times I don`t really think when I save files out of Photoshop. Now I more fully understand what all those options are and I can be certain of what I`m doing when I click save.

  2. Bran Says:

    tga ?

  3. Kert Gartner (VFX Haiku Admin) Says:

    I dont’ really use TGA’s that much anymore. Back in the Avid days, I used to save TGA’s for the chryon systems that are/were used from broadcast. I’m not sure if they support PNG’s now, but I would use those over TGA’s any day.

  4. Joci Says:

    great one kert. very useful. thanks man, you are really helping out.

  5. Advanced Photoshop Techniques | VFX Haiku Says:

    [...] A preview of this tutorial can be seen here [...]

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