In-depth Node Based Compositing Tutorial with Eyeon Fusion

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In-depth Node Based Compositing Tutorial with Eyeon Fusion

In this 45 minute tutorial, we take a look at a final shot for the Open Cut 3.0 Challenge created with Fusion 5.3, and look at every tool involved in putting this shot together.

Compositing Love… | Every Single Node Explained | Details are the Key…

Here’s some links to topics and plugins that are refered to in this tutorial:

  • Open Cut 3
  • Kert Gartner’s Open Cut 3 Submission #1
  • Kert Gartner’s Open Cut 3 Submission #2
  • Free Krokodove Plugins for Fusion
  • Vlam for Fusion
  • Frantic Film’s (Prime Focus) Awake Fusion Plugins
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    19 Responses to “In-depth Node Based Compositing Tutorial with Eyeon Fusion”

    1. Sarvesh Says:

      Hi, Your tutorial is incredibaly great. You are the real talented guy. Please give me your email id.


    2. Daniel Says:

      Many thanks for these tutorials. I hope to see another one teaching Fusion for After Effects artists soon!

    3. mad Says:

      I’ve started working in fusion from After effects and I find it much easier to work with. This tutorial was extremely helpful. I wonder why there are only 2 comments.

      in the tut you mentioned a project you worked on where you did around 24 hours of keying. Could you please upload more tutorials like the one above?

      I really appreciate the way you explain the nodes one by one describing why you took them.

      Have you done any 3d matte paintings in fusion?

      Waiting for more of your fusion work breakdowns…

    4. Kert Gartner (VFX Haiku Admin) Says:

      Hi Mad,

      I’m defiantely going to cover that keying shot that I talked about. I’ll likely make it a feature tutorial, since there’ll probably be at least 1-2 hours or material to cover in that shot. It’s a HUGE one :) I’ve done some minor matte painting projections in fusion, but nothing that I can show on this site, unfortunately.

      Glad you enjoyed the tutorial!


    5. Cyrene Houdini Says:

      This is great stuff, thanks…

    6. Kiko Says:

      Hi kert, thx for this tut.
      Im totally new to video editing. (though i have some experience with node based rendering)
      I wanna ask a 100% newbie question:
      What’s your workflow? i mean, to firstly create special efx on clips then montage or reverse?

    7. Kert Gartner (VFX Haiku Admin) Says:

      Hi Kiko, I’m not exactly sure what you mean, but usually an editor will edit an entire sequence, then turn that over to VFX, so there’s not as much wasted effort on the VFX artist’s part.

    8. Kiko Says:

      thx Kert, i see where it’s going.
      I really enjoy your tuts.
      best regards.

    9. Shannon Says:

      Thanks for this. Excellent work!

    10. Sachin Says:

      Thanks man YO!!!

    11. Midge Says:

      Haha, Kai’s power tools, I definitely rememebr those!

      Originally I used them as a part of Painter on the Mac, they had a different name back then but I can’t seem to think of it. :)

      Great breakdown!

    12. Nikita Says:

      Hi! Probably this would be a stupid question, but how do you do those empty little connector-nodes, which in Nuke are done with the “.”?

    13. Kert Gartner (VFX Haiku Admin) Says:

      Hold down the ALT/Option key and click in in the middle of the line between the 2 nodes. :)

    14. Tess Says:

      The links for Kert Gartner’s Open Cut 3 Submissions are broken. Do you know where they are?

    15. Kert Gartner (VFX Haiku Admin) Says:

      Shit, sorry about that. They’re all fixed up. Thanks for pointing that out.

    16. Sanjeev Kumar Says:

      funny, in the beginning u say lovely greenscreen then you say later it sucks…

      btw Kert did u got the keying tutorial u mentioned in this video …

    17. Sanjeev Kumar Says:

      I specially want to see how u do spill suppression and the integrate it onto a separate BG matching it by color grading

    18. Fernando Says:

      Hi. I´ve been watching it these days (2014). I can no longer reach the plugins. The sites do not offer anymore. You could make an upload of these plugins (dropbox?)?

    19. Kert Gartner (VFX Haiku Admin) Says:

      The plugins aren’t for sale anymore and probably wouldn’t work with the latest version of Fusion anyways. Sorry.

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