Stabilization and Object Removal with Eyeon Fusion 6

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Stabilization and Object Removal with Eyeon Fusion 6

Stabilization | From Shaky Beginnings | A Tranquility

In this tutorial, we use Eyeon Fusion 6 and take a look at stabilizing a piece of footage. Once the footage is stable, we “paint” out two unwanted objects from the shot using a quick and simple technique. We then complete the shot with some quick colour corrections.

Hope you enjoy it!

If you want to see the same tutorial, but using After Effects CS5, check out this tutorial here:

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15 Responses to “Stabilization and Object Removal with Eyeon Fusion 6”

  1. Stabilization and Object Removal with After Effects CS5 | VFX Haiku Says:

    [...] the same tutorial, but done in a node based compositing application, check out this tutorial here: AKPC_IDS += [...]

  2. AXITH Says:

    i want shake tutorials plzzzzzzzz…..

  3. Darin Says:

    Thanks for the follow up fusion version!

  4. Kert Gartner (VFX Haiku Admin) Says:

    Hi, I wish I could do Shake tutorials, but that product is basically dead, and I don’t have any experience with it. :)

  5. Eduard Bardin Says:

    Kert, nice tutorial, realy & nice footage;)
    For same color level U can use match function of a cc tool, cause footage can change in time. This will be more comfortable or will need to animate the bc tool.
    Also 2nd mask could be used instead of 3rd.

    ps^ thx
    for fusion

  6. Emil Says:

    Thank you, i wish you can do more fusion tutorial. specially in the motion graphics.

  7. JUNE Says:

    Can you send a teaching on youtube, vimeo I do not see here.

  8. Kert Gartner (VFX Haiku Admin) Says:

    Sorry, I only post my videos to Vimeo.

  9. Daniel Says:

    Are going to make other cool fusion tuts?? please say yes, I love ur tuts.

  10. Kert Gartner (VFX Haiku Admin) Says:

    That’s the plan. I’ve just been really busy with other projects lately, so I haven’t had any time to devote to VFXHaiku at all.

  11. vfxman Says:

    This is a nice tutorial. definitely it will help. If you have seen a tutorial about UV Unwrapping in fusion, that is really a great technique. But only the problem is, the tutorial has been made with a easy shot. Can you please upload something better with some tough shot?

    Here is the link of that tutorial for your convenience:

    thank you

  12. George Renner Says:

    Hey Keith! Awesome tutorials! Fusion is a tough program to learn, theres not a great ammount of online documentation.. so these really help! :)

    Hey, I did a track, and its a bit jumpy, the tracker looks like its jumping between two pixels about once every frame. Any tips on how you would fix this?


  13. Kert Gartner (VFX Haiku Admin) Says:

    Glad you’re finding them helpful! As for your track, tehre’s a few things to try. You can track individual channels, try throwing a small blur tool before the tracker, or sometimes downsizing footage by 1/2 with a scale and then tracking will help eliminate some noise from the tracker. Let me know if any of that helps :)

  14. qleif Says:

    thanks :D

  15. Anthony Falk Says:

    Had to stop in and offer a huge thank you for these concise and detailed tutorials. They have been a huge help, but I esp. love the Fusion tutorials.

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